Michael Carter  is a prophetic minister and pastor that ministers throughout Jamaica and internationally. He is the founder of Celebration Church and Michael Carter Ministries. God’s servant operates in strong prophetic preaching and teaching anointing that results in the Holy Spirit’s power, word of knowledge and prophetic discernment. He has said YES to the Holy Spirit to holding meetings that will impact churches, cities, regions, and nations.

Since starting the Celebration Church 17 years ago, he has seen thousands of lives impacted through these meetings. Each service has  a “breaker” anointing to loose people and set them free.

He is a thinker, dreamer and a motivator. These are made clear through the FEED THE CITY food program, where hundreds receive bags of free food and clothing items.

He is an author, a conference/church speaker, and a broadcaster on national TV. By the grace of God, he will be used to change your life.