The problem with Jamaica is in the statement: JAMAICA, NO PROBLEM.


Have you ever heard the story of the boiling frog? The boiling frog is a fable describing a frog being slowly boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in lukewarm water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. The story is shows how sometimes  we can adjust our minds against an imminent threat of real and present danger.


How can we fool ourselves into thinking that Jamaica is Ok when there are so many social problems? For such a small island, the problem of MURDER is too pronounced, yet it is the one for which finding a solution seems most elusive.


I would think – Catch the criminal, charge and imprison him – end of problem. No wait… You can’t catch him that easily. He is heavily networked in a fortified system. Someone is covering him, there are big lawyers who can help him talk his way out of trouble for a fee and the court system is not straightforward. There are rumors of case buyouts and a backlog of cases in the court system, making things worse. I don’t know why there is this thing about witnesses coming forth to tell what they know. We must be real and fair. Jamaica still has an “INFORMER FI DEAD CULTURE” so why do you want some poor peasant with 3 children to risk her future and that of her children just to attempt justice? No! She can’t be the sacrificial lamb for the solution of crime.


What shall we do? Resign ourselves to live with it all? There is talk of change by political aspirants but how often before have we heard these same speeches?


The escape for the average man seems to be getting someone to “file” for him and then migrate, removing himself from the “sore” of crime and corruption. No one wants to fix it.


I drove through the island of Jamaica earlier this week on a mission to pray with the Jamaican flag (1 Timothy 2:8). I was shocked to see the number of villas and hotels lining our island’s coastline.  I couldn’t help but think – where is the influence of all the owners of Jamaica’s wealth in fixing our ills? Nowhere real because there is a rule – if it doesn’t affect you, leave it alone. This is not right. One man suggested I just enjoy my life and leave these problems alone.


The Church as a group is not united nor do they seem motivated to fix it. Each has its own “denominational” business to handle and for the independent empire builders, it is not a concern.


The police are handcuffed and in our music industry there are those intent on making anthems for crime and corruption.


I am not sure. Maybe the Diaspora???



  1. I fear, the diaspora is viewed as a glorified ATM that is free to invest in and send remittances to JA. Otherwise, since we chose to ” run way” to live in the ” ease and comfort ” of foreign, we return to Jamaica at our own peril. Or, in my case. look at retirement looming, feeling like a displaced person. I’m basically in a sort of exile….

    1. Whoa @ that last line! This is definitely a new way to view persons who live in the diaspora. May God help Jamaica to see its ‘problem’ and seek His face.

      Prophet Carter, I watched and agreed with you as you went through the island of Jamaica this week. I prayed for divine coverage and protection as you and the team went. It was a true blessing to see the fortitude and zeal of the team members. Thank you for being obedient. Oh that Jamaica would turn to Almighty God instead of “SELF” the glorified self! I pray that with this “seismic shift” that Emily Crooks mentioned and a “tsunami” win I heard someone else mention that the leaders and people of the country will wake up and seek the Eternal Father we sing to in our anthem. It is time to repent AND TURN from our wicked ways!

  2. So true with everything you mentioned after the election I was led to go in prayer for Jamaica for the government and it is so ironic that I find myself praying to God for all the court cases that are locked up regarding murder rape everything evil that is done against citizen and Gods children shall be opened up and people Find guilty for their crimes. Why is rapist getting away with killing our babies, I was just praying and My heart cry out to God and I read your article you know it’s basically like covering what I was praying about man of God. I scenes the Lord t is Greave. And so true the churches must come together, aren’t we all one under the body of Christ. We are all going to the same wedding ceremony so on earth it’s time to ack like it. My thoughts. Bless you MOG

  3. I have wondered about the verse in Habakuk instructing the prophet to write the vision…..I have wondered: what vision was soon important that God was urging the prophet to write it down and put it in plain sight. ….then I saw at the end of the chapter that ‘ God is in his holy temple so let the earth be silent’

    When I think about all that is happening in the year 2020 I am comforted by Habakuk 2: 20…..God is presiding in his headquarters. God is ruling. The glory of God……All that he is and all that he stands for ….is manifesting before us….Solomon the king and all the priest ministering had to fall before the glory of God when he came to his temple so will all of us including and especially our politicians…

    Our only way out of the present chaos as God said to Habakuk is by living by faith. The members of parliament must accept that though they have had a landslide victory this will only be a disaster if they do not walk by faith.

    The opposition must understand that the only way to pull themselves back together and be effective for the Jamaica people is by living by faith….

    For it is faith alone that will cause us to please God and reap the blessings on our country……God’s people no matter our position in this society must live by faith if we are looking to restore our economy, education system and health system.

    Faith involves looking with unwavering attention on God our source until his glory covers us and gives us victory in the midst of the chaos we are walking through. Faith will link us to Jesus who is our righteousness to the point that we become Co-laborers with him as we are yoked with him…..

    1. As Emily spoke about the seismic shift I was of the stanched reality that landslides don’t reflect real democracy. At 48 yrs I have seen this country drift to a place where you wonder if restoration is even possible. Notwithstanding we old to the reality that God wants to be the repaired of the bridges if we allow him to. As always MOG you have been consistent with truth and it is not Jamaican NO Problem but it’s Jamaica nuff problem. There must be a coming together. A United front to understand that it will take the effort of the masses. Lisa Hanna made one thing clear in her response. She said “At some point in the journey one must pause for retrospection” It is not just a reality for the People’s National Party put it is also words that must be echoed right across Jamaica. It is time for introspection. A little ROCK with so much potential keeps reflecting the attributes of a wayward child. We must move from see and blind. Ear and deaf. Our silence can be deafening to our own detriment. Our last independence we spoke proudly or 58yrs but really. Independence happens when we begin to call a spade a spade. Independence happens when we address crime with the full blunt of the law with no exception or partiality. Independence is restoring the family table when we don’t take our plate of food and head to our rooms but we gather around a table to dine as a family. Independence is restoring respect for each other where the social grace were common place. Our recently Election spoke a language that if we are really serious will truly define democracy – For the people. By the people and With the people. Our prayers mist move from mere words to action. Terry Fabulous and Nadine Sutherland sing a song. “Action not a bag of mouth..” I am looking for the day when Jamaica and Jamaicans alike will begin to claim the legacy and inheritance that the Lord has blessed ua with. Prophet Michael Carter I have know doubt that God has been speaking through. Remain. steadfast. In 2015 the Lord used you to minister to me. Today I an a better person. Grateful. “Eternal Father bless our LAND. Guard us with thy Mighty hand. Keep ua free from evil powers. Be Our light through countless hours. To our leader great Defender Grant true wisdom from above. Just truth be ours forever. Jamaica Land we love. Jamaica. Jamaica. Jamaica land we love. Blessing MOG

  4. Prophet Carter, I agree with you 💯 percent. I was with you every step to take across Jamaica this week. I pray for devine protection for you and your prayer team, its just a blessing to see how you obey the spirit of God and move fort. Continue to do the work of God, may the Lord continue to bless you and your team.

  5. Everyone of us has a role to play and its time we stop turning a blind eye especially if it’s not at our doorstep.Love in its purest form has to be the foundation on which Jamaica as a country so love by GOD unite for change.May GOD continue to order your steps SIR

  6. Well said Prophet Carter. I wish other ministers in Jamaica would lay aside their denominational ideologies, catch a hold of the vision and partner with you in praying and seeking the face of the Lord on behalf of Jamaica. What they fail to realize is that if, and when, the wrath of God is unleashed on Jamaica due to all the lawlessness that is being committed, every denomination will be affected.
    Thank you for your diligence. I stand in agreement and in prayer for revival to come to the shore of Jamaica.
    May God continued blessings and covering be upon you and your team as you continue to be the Nehemiah that God has called you to be.
    Let’s continue to seek the face of God on behalf of Jamaica, land we love.
    There’s is power in prayer🙏🏾🙏🏾

  7. There a few facts here.
    1. The justice system is indeed skewed and to ask someine to be a sacrificial lamb is unfair and unrealistic

    2. The notion of ” if it doesnt affect you leave it alone” is a view nationally held by many people inspite of demography or class. The evidence is the statement made “live your life and leave these issues alone”.

    3. The church as an institution is not united.

    I find that your movement to each parish to pray for our nation is similar to the movement of our late heros and heroine. You and your team may not have protested but the cause is similar. The movement is symbolic and its monumental.

    The solution to crime may not be rooted in advance technology, improved policies and reduced corruption. It may certainly reduce the numbers but it wont eradicate the problem because as we advance as a people so does the criminal mind.

    The solution is in this movement that you have started and i believe that if you press along to include more people the nation will see and join and it will be like nothing we have ever seen.

    A famous lady who i had the pleasure of calling mama before she passed always said to me ” jamaica bless enuh, we are a praying country”. God rose up protesters like Marcus Garvey because that was what we needed at the time. Today we dont need protesting we need praying.

    Like i said this movement is SYMBOLIC AND MONUMENTAL

  8. Thank you Prophet Carter for been obedient to the Word of God..I support you in praying for Jamaica, every word you mention above is true..the churches need to unite..so thats also a prayer point.. this is the time the Watchman can not cease to pray. I stand in prayer with you and your team in Jesus name.

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