Supernatural Bible School – Course Outline

1. Public Relations for Churches

Public Opinion is formed by Perception, instead of Reality. How do you use opportunity to inform the wider community about happenings in the church? Leave it up to the world and they will tell their own story. This course is concerned with crisis management, branding, how to do press releases, etc. We will also briefly touch on libel and defamation.

Course text: Material provided (cost of printing will be subsidized).

2. Mass Evangelism

Mass evangelism occurs will strategic campaigns are initiate to draw large numbers of people to faith in Christ. In this course you will be exposed to the back end of this form of evangelism. No longer can we fish by line, we must fish by net and see entire avenues and  communities transformed. We will be introduced to the biblical framework for Mass Evangelism and also study its pros and cons.

Course text: That None Should Perish by Edgardo Silvoso

3. The Gifts of the Spirit

What does the Bible say about the gifts of the Spirit? Gifts of the Spirit, are about what the Spirit gives us in order to build up people’s lives, especially building lives of following Christ. Much of today’s church rely heavily on manmade teaching or worldly trends. It was never God’s intention to replace healing and deliverance with the field of psychology. This course will make the supernatural to become second natural to you. You will be trained and activated in manifesting the Spirit gifts.

Course texts: The Gifts and Ministries of the Spirit, Lester Sumrall

Prophets and the Personal Prophecy, Bill Hamon


4. Transformational Leadership

This is a pragmatic course on how to make a day and night difference in any organization. It will expand your definition of leadership. Learn practical ways how you can turn even the worst situation into an opportunity.

Course text: Material provided (cost of printing will be subsidized).

5. Prayer and Revival Movement

God has never moved without an intercessor! From Abraham to John,the Revelator, a man has always stood in the gap for his or her generation. We will look back in history and see the transformation born from a praying church. Also, we will study current prayer movements and see the effect on politics, culture and family.

Required text: Intercessory Prayer ,Dutch Sheets

6. Church Discipline and Practice

The Church is a self governing institution set up by God. It has its own “society”. It is governed by a different set of rules. In today’s opinionated culture, we have fallen short of biblical discipline and restoration. This course will dive into church polity and give a graceful picture of God’s city of refuge and His eternal plan to redeem man from sin. You will also learn about the ordinances of the Christian church and how to conduct ceremonies.

  • How to administer correction
  • When to rebuke openly
  • How to conduct ceremony: dedication of infants
  •  Counselling and deliverance basics

Those Who Must Give an Account: A Study of Church Membership and Church DisciplineJohn S. Hammett, Benjamin L. Merkle

Star Book for Ministers, Edward Hiscox

7. Church Management 101

The Church is both an organization and an organism. As an organization it must be managed well. This course is about staff requirements, volunteer systems, team and general church meetings,finances and all that it takes to keep the church together.

Required text:Intercessory Prayer,Dutch Sheets

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