Sometimes in life you need a Peninnah. Hannah had one. Not everything is God-sent but everything can be God-used. Be encouraged that the same God that used Pharaoh to drive the Children of Israel is using provocation to drive you into His presence and power. Rejoice through the process as you are pressed into a new level of anointing in God.

There are some ancient secrets that key you right into the presence of God. In this hardcore, high octane, Holy Ghost meeting, Prophet Carter explains these hidden mysteries. Get ready to go to your next level in God. It is time for a closer walk with Jesus by accessing the portals of Heaven.

Throughout the Word of God, there are many healing promises that we have been given. The Christian believer has a covenant which includes his or her right to divine healing. As you go through this CD, speak God's word over your situation. The same God who heals headaches is the same God who heals cancer. Jesus Christ is the miracle working God, let us start confessing the Word of God which will manifest His healing power over our situation.
Over the years, many have walked through our doors hopeless, but these eventually leave hopeful because of the Spirit of prophesy upon God's manservant. You will hear some incredible and astounding testimonies of the power of God. Experience the word of knowledge, discerning of spirits and the word of prophesy in the lives of God's people. Prepare to cry as these heartfelt and unforgettable stories will melt your heart.