Video evidence is inadmissible in court…please read

Acts 1:8 states the role of the believer in this dispensation of the Holy Spirit. We are to be ‘WITNESSES’, this is a court related term. A witness is one who has seen and appears in court to testify: incriminating the accused or coming alongside the plaintiff.

We have been summoned to court and here is why: We are here to defend that Jesus is alive and well. The women eyewitnesses arrived at the Garden Tomb, and what the angel said was the witness – Jesus had resurrected. The Early Church were heavily persecuted, reason being: He, Jesus, appears to over 500 in Jerusalem. It was TOO MUCH EVIDENCE against Satan and his kingdom.

In this post modern hour, the same strategy is at work. The enemy has tried to mess with every effort of believers to stand up and witness the power of God. Many misunderstand why I capture what I call, “ PROPHETIC MOMENTS”. It testifies that something spiritual is happening, and though it is but a taste, it is the shadow of a greater tomorrow and the faith of the now.

We live in religious societies where the name God is a swear word. Church is seen as ritual and used for status. All of this Satan is okay with,  but not when we HEAL, DO MIRACLES and PROPHESY. He screams, “Objection, that evidence is not allowed!”.

I have seen this over the last 8 years of trying to put together teams to video. Something always comes up for a video to be deleted , disappear or not recorded properly.

Meet a prophet from Africa, and the first thing he gives you is a promo video. I smiled, this same day last year, as I came downstairs and saw Prophet Isaac Anto in the hotel I was staying. The first thing he handed me was a promo tape.

I had two of Emmanuel TV’s board members staying in my home, the first thing they offloaded was a pull-on filled with Prophet Joshua’s miracle videos.

You and I may believe by faith, but there is a set that say SEEING IS BELIEVING. Religion and secular humanists have created a God who is unjust, immoral, bloodthirsty, too strict, or just downright mean; but when miracles start flying hard hearts break fast.

This is the hour when the Spirit is calling forth MEDIA SCRIBES, who will document for the generation that is without faith and ones not yet born.

Remember the words of Thomas : “I won’t believe till I see”- John 20:25

Sacred things, now being destroyed

One of the prophecies concerning the end is to be found in 2 Timothy 3:2:

For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred.

This relates to the loss of values and virtues.

Consider these new primetime serials and what they suggest:

This past June, ABC rolled out its new summer series, Mistresses. A televised version of a trashy beach novel. The show is described by ABC as a “provocative, sexy and thrilling drama.”  According to the network, Mistresses follows the adventures of a “sexy and sassy group of four girlfriends, each on her own path to self-discovery”. That description sounds familiar…pretty sure Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte shared their own outrageous adventures over the years in Sex and the City; a show in which at least two of the women cheated with a married man.

What about the song by Katy Perry, “I kissed a girl and I liked it?”

These are telling times. When I was growing up, Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, did some really outrageous things but there was always Uncle Phil to correct his deviant behavior. When the show ended, you knew the right way was the accepted norm.

Nowadays it is not so; Pop Culture has created its idol shaped icons to the detriment of society. Weak governments watch them, and allow their cash to legislate the lethal. Wouldn’t you, if you were a struggling economy and the hopes of billions were promised to you through introducing casino gambling? Don’t bite the bait. I heard Dr. Myles Munroe say something once as he fought to stay the legalization of gambling in his nation. He said it is not the decision that we see now we will have to live with; It is the consequences. Governments should consider the cartels as carriages following gambling and greed.

Look on your television, the anti gay/gay debates are not debates in their truest sense. The Christian who raises up in the room to defend the sacredness of marriage, between a man and a woman, is vilified before arriving at the podium.

Just look at how the media treats Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Glen Beck or anyone who speaks the Bible’s position on controversial matters. It is a shame to see how Anderson Cooper and Don Lennon throw their gay pride in our faces, thanks to CNN.

I am shocked out of my wits. When did we start throwing out gold bars in garbage bins?

Where in the world did all this come from? How did we lose our world while still being in it?

Robots, Smart phones and all- Men of today seem intoxicated on their own successes. Why do we need “God” ? After all, look at all the by-products of geniuses  on display everywhere. It is a known fact that even the weather patterns can be manipulated with men’s machine. Do you want it to rain or not ? “ Don’t pray for rain,we can create the rain”, says the proud man in his reply.

So the marriage didn’t work,huh? Is that reason enough to become gay ? I was once told that two wrongs don’t make one right. Rebellion is not an option to ever attaining good.  Many who were disappointed by the church and family, have decided to be like the prodigal son – to be without restraint and hit the road as the free spirited. Those are the ones on television now – prodigal sons, just prodigal sons spending all their monies before the pig pen days hit in.The Destruction Company as it is called has a statement on their website – “where wealthy youngsters pay big bucks to use weapons and tools to destroy objects such as computers and pianos”.

The railing on the staircase to success is nicknamed ‘principles’ Never forget that. Hold fast to it, for they guide us.

Cry because we are suppose to, shout and scream like you have to be heard – who sees their tooth decaying and rejoices over it? This is the dying of the light ☹ Sacred things are now being destroyed.

Michael Carter