How to Take the Fruits of the Spirit (Part 2)

When we take the fruit of the spirit, we move them out of the ethereal and into the natural. We lay claim to them and understand that we have a right to have them in our lives as children of the Most High God. They are part of our covenant rights through Jesus. How do we do this? How do we take the fruit of the spirit and enjoy the effects of developing and living with that fruit on a daily basis? Yesterday we looked at the first way, today we look at two more ways you can take the fruit of the spirit.

2. Remove Any Blockage

When we allow the Lord to work in our lives, areas of weakness will inevitably come to light. The Lord will bring to mind areas that need His healing—offenses that must be forgiven, habits that need to be broken, and directions that we should follow. We may not even understand the reason for what the Lord tells us to do, but if we will obey Him, the results will be life-changing.


Take forgiveness. We may have every “right” to be angry about a past offense. We were quite possibly wronged in horrific ways. But Jesus wants us to move beyond the offenses. He wants us free. He knows what happened to us. He knows how we were wronged, but He isn’t asking for us to demand fairness. He’s asking for us to extend forgiveness (Matthew 6:14-15The person we forgive may or may not receive our forgiveness. They may not even be around or alive to receive it. Yet, we still benefit because forgiveness releases us from the bondage of hatred, fear, anger and sadness. In their place, the fruit of the spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and self-control—develop.


3. Put Your Fruit on the Tree

The reality is that fruit on a tree is not fruit until it’s hanging on the branches. It’s the same with spiritual fruit. We can’t claim to have fruit in our lives until we’re willing to put it on display. We don’t have the fruit of patience until we exhibit the fruit of patience. We don’t have the fruit of faithfulness until we exhibit the fruit of faithfulness.


Just as fruit on a tree starts small and grows, the fruit of the spirit must grow, too. When we develop our relationships with the Lord and remove blockages, we create a healthy spiritual environment that encourages growth.


For instance, as parents, we may naturally have short fuses. When our children disobey or respond in childish ways, our knee-jerk reaction may be to lash out verbally in anger. But as we develop our relationship with the Lord and walk in forgiveness with our children and others, a godly love begins to grow. We begin to see our children through the eyes of Jesus. We see their potential, not their failings. Will we still discipline and disciple them? Of course. But the attitude and atmosphere in which we respond to them will change. The fruit of the spirit will grow in us, and hopefully, in them, too.


Source: Kenneth Copeland Ministries