How to Take Back Your Peace 2: Refuse to Entertain the Triple Threat

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” –John 14:27

Peace of mind—doesn’t that sound good? Where does it come from? There are three powerful gifts of the Spirit that bring abundance, joy, blessing and—peace. What are they? Faith, hope and love. Together, they are unstoppable, uncontainable and immovable. They can move mountains and overcome any attack of the devil. You could call them the triple threat in obtaining victory—a triple threat to the devil.

Well, Satan is a counterfeit and an opposing enemy. So, he has come up with his own triple threat in an attempt to dismantle your victory and steal your peace. Just like faith, hope and love, they work together only to achieve the opposite of peace. What’s worse, is that the world not only justifies them, but often encourages us to engage in them. You may even think they’re a normal part of life. What is Satan’s triple threat? Doubt, worry and fear.

God never intended for doubt, worry or fear to be part of our lives. Along with the torment they bring emotionally, they affect us physically as well. That’s not God’s plan!

You see, true peace doesn’t come from the absence of trouble; it comes from the presence of God. That means you can live in the peace of God even when you have serious trouble because your peace doesn’t have anything to do with circumstances.  When you live in that kind of peace, your circumstances will automatically get in line.

That’s why God says He will keep those who trust in Him in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3). When we trust in His plans for us, which are to give us a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11), we won’t entertain worry, doubt or fear. We won’t even consider it!

Kenneth E. Hagin once shared his strategy for dealing with fear. He said you have to deal with fear and doubt the same way you deal with the temptation to commit any other sin. For example, you would never allow the thought of stealing money to remain in your mind for even a moment. You would take that thought captive and cast it out as quickly as you could. We need to treat doubt, fear and worry the same way—as unacceptable thoughts that have no place in our lives.

Don’t entertain the triple threat—don’t ever permit yourself to entertain thoughts of doubt, worry or fear. Throw them out like you would the thought of robbing a bank. If you’re up in the night worrying and becoming fearful, take those thoughts captive. Say, “I refuse to doubt God’s promises. I refuse to worry. I refuse to fear. I take a stand against them right now in the Name of my Lord Jesus Christ.” Then turn over and go back to sleep.


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