How To Improve Your Prayer Life

Prayer is an important part of Christians’ lives, yet some question whether their prayers are as effective as they could be. If that is you, then here are four steps to take to ensure that your prayers are effective:


Step 1: Pray an Effective Prayer by Knowing What the Bible Says

How can you pray in a way that pleases God if you don’t know His nature? You won’t know what He has promised. You won’t know how He handles situations. You won’t know what pleases or displeases Him. To pray more effectively, take time to get to know the One to whom you are praying—through His Word. Make Bible study part of your day…every day.


Step 2: Pray an Effective Prayer by First Asking for Wisdom

Before you ask God to solve a problem in your life, first ask Him for wisdom and for His perspective on it. Proverbs 4:7, KJV, calls wisdom “the principal thing,” and James 1:5, KJV, says God will give you His wisdom liberally. No matter what prayer you want answered, first ask for God’s wisdom to lead you.


Step 3: Pray an Effective Prayer by Remaining in Faith

Once you know what the Word says about your situation and you have God’s perspective on it, then settle within yourself what He has said. Trust Him to keep His Word. Thank Him for leading you, guiding you and answering you. Don’t let anything dissuade you from what the Lord has shown you. Stay faithful to the truth you have received.


Step 4: Pray an Effective Prayer by Forgiving

If you want the Lord to respond to your prayers, forgiveness is vital. In Mark 11, Jesus taught His disciples about the prayer of faith. At the end, He gave them the final step when He said, “…believe that ye receive…and ye shall have,” but in the very same breath, He said, “And when ye stand praying, forgive…” (verses 24-25, KJV). Effective prayers require faith, faith requires love, and love requires forgiveness. Don’t wait another second to forgive someone who has hurt you. Commit to live the life of love and faith and enjoy the benefit of effective prayer times.


You can rest knowing that your heavenly Father hears and answers your prayers when you put these steps into practice. Find out what the Bible has to say, ask for wisdom, remain in faith, and live a life of forgiveness. You’ll experience the joy of walking more closely with the Father and knowing that your prayers are effective!


Source: Kenneth Copeland Ministries