Confessions for My Church (Part 3)

Lord, we keep your word and will not deny your name. Because of this, there is an open door forever before us. No one can shut this door. Because we have obeyed your word, you will keep us safe from the world’s hour of testing. We hold fast to what we have, and we will not allow anyone to take our crown. As overcomers, we will become pillars in the temple of God.

We are not lukewarm. Our lives, our hearts, and our deeds are hot for you. We buy from you gold refined in the fire so that we may be rich. We know you correct and discipline everyone you love. We take your commands seriously, and we are quick to repent. Lord Jesus, we hear you calling; come into our life and church. We desire to dine with you. As overcomers, we will sit down with you on your throne. Our hearts are open to what the Spirit is saying to us.


Source: The Mechanics of Hope Faith Prayer