Confessions for My Church (Part 1)

Our Church is a strong group of overcoming believers. We do not tolerate evil among us, and we stand firm against the spirit of our age. Lord, we hate what you hate, and we have the spiritual discernment concerning those in whom we associate.

We are not weary. We still love you like at the first, and we are still doing the things we did at the beginning. We monitor the condition of our hearts, and we are quick to repent and change our behavior. As overcomers, we will eat of the tree of life that is planted in the Paradise of God. Our hearts are open to what the Spirit is saying to us.

We continue to say only what your word says about us. We will not be intimidated by, nor will we repeat, the slander and lies of the world. We are not afraid of persecution or suffering, and we are steadfast under all conditions. When we are tested, we will prove faithful and true. As overcomers, we will wear the victor’s crown. We will not be harmed by the second death. Our hearts are open to what the Spirit is saying to us.

Source: The Mechanics of Hope Faith Prayer