Celebration Church 2018 Confession of Faith

We declare that Celebration Church is the House of God.

We are saved, healed and delivered by the blood of Jesus. I receive my spiritual food here. I am grateful to God. The word of the Lord is with my Senior Leader and his Pastoral Team. There is always a word in season here.

By reason of the Word, anointing and character we are advancing with God’s speed. We believe for and receive five hundred new souls in 2018.

Humble and able persons are drawn to our ministry.  We lack no good thing.

The favor of God is over this ministry, we believe for and receive the resources to expand God’s Kingdom.


Real Estate

TV Studio, Licenses and Equipment

We call them in, in Jesus’ Name.

By Your Word and Your Spirit, we are being empowered to walk in obedience to your will.

As a people, we walk in excellence – As Daniel and Joseph walked in excellence, so are we. We are not easily offended, we walk in love, where we lack the ability to love, the Holy Spirit is fueling us.

God has given us the tongue of the learned. We do not get into gossip traps. The Lord leads us, we are always above board in our dealings. By God’s grace and our faithfulness, we are greatly prospering. We receive new wisdom daily and we are making decisions to benefit the Kingdom of God and other churches in our region.

This year, as we pray according to Your will, we receive 100% answer to prayer, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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