5 Ways Faith Will Change Your Life (Part 1)

After living the faith life for many years, I’m convinced that the recent awakening of faith is a move of God. God is calling people from all denominations to live a life of power. He is revealing how to live victoriously—day in and day out, in good times and bad. Today, I’m going to share two ways that faith in God’s WORD will change your life and the other three ways tomorrow. Of course, once you begin living the faith life, you’ll quickly see that faith changes everything in life, but for now, let’s just start with these five.


1.Faith Will Change Your Life by Opening the Kingdom of God

Some people use faith to get born again, then they lay it down and never use it again. If you do that, you’ll never be able to make spiritual principles work for you.

Every one of Jesus’ apostles operated by faith. Their faith wasn’t some kind of special apostle faith, either. It was the same kind of faith you and I have (2 Peter 1:1).

God didn’t shortchange you and give you an inferior brand of faith just because you were born 2,000 years after the apostles. You, as a born-again believer, have like faith with Peter, James, John, Paul and every other New Testament Christian.


2.Faith Will Change Your Life by Keeping You Safe, Healed and Prosperous

Every aspect of your spiritual life depends on faith in The WORD of God! If you’re not living by faith, the power of God is totally neutralized in your life. He can do no mighty works for you.

You can go to church every Sunday. You can even read your Bible every day. But if The WORD you read and hear preached isn’t mixed with faith, nothing will come of it. That was proven in Jesus’ ministry. He went to Nazareth and preached to the people but “He could there do no mighty work…because of their unbelief” (Mark 6:5-6).

Think about that. Those people had the Healer right there with them, but they couldn’t be healed. They had the Deliverer right there, but they couldn’t be delivered.


Source: Kenneth Copeland Ministries