Thirty strategies that are guaranteed to change your life and finances in one month.
This book has affected the lives of so many, both in Jamaica and overseas. It takes you through practical bible based strategies over thirty days that you can follow to turn your life around completely. It is one of Prophet Carter’s most popular books that compiles years of wisdom and experience. It is written as a workbook, that has accompanying action steps for every area that is covered. It makes the perfect gift for anyone in your life that aspires to go higher.


Appreciating your singleness while you discover the real you.
How many times have you heard a single sister saying, “I am getting older, and I don’t have my husband yet.”? This book is for you. Learn how to navigate through the maze of separating the Godly mates from the ‘hitchhikers’, and the practical things you need to do when you are ready to say I do.


Everything you need to stay rooted in the Church of God.
Prophet Carter sends a timely message through the pages of this all important book. Having experienced the common occurrence of ‘church hurt’ himself, the man of God has spiritual nuggets in this book that admonishes us to remain loyal and keep our feet in the house of God. If you ever walked away from church, or you have ever felt weary in your own church, this book is for you.


A Post Deliverance Ministry Manual to Help You Shake Yourself Loose.
It was common for kings and nobles to sit on chairs, but the Jews in captivity were used to sitting on the ground. Now that God had delivered them from Babylon; they needed to realize it and get up! You too can arise and live victoriously but you must TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your DELIVERANCE. Through this book you will receive strength and find strategies to ensure your complete deliverance.

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