Video evidence is inadmissible in court…please read

Acts 1:8 states the role of the believer in this dispensation of the Holy Spirit. We are to be ‘WITNESSES’, this is a court related term. A witness is one who has seen and appears in court to testify: incriminating the accused or coming alongside the plaintiff.

We have been summoned to court and here is why: We are here to defend that Jesus is alive and well. The women eyewitnesses arrived at the Garden Tomb, and what the angel said was the witness – Jesus had resurrected. The Early Church were heavily persecuted, reason being: He, Jesus, appears to over 500 in Jerusalem. It was TOO MUCH EVIDENCE against Satan and his kingdom.

In this post modern hour, the same strategy is at work. The enemy has tried to mess with every effort of believers to stand up and witness the power of God. Many misunderstand why I capture what I call, “ PROPHETIC MOMENTS”. It testifies that something spiritual is happening, and though it is but a taste, it is the shadow of a greater tomorrow and the faith of the now.

We live in religious societies where the name God is a swear word. Church is seen as ritual and used for status. All of this Satan is okay with,  but not when we HEAL, DO MIRACLES and PROPHESY. He screams, “Objection, that evidence is not allowed!”.

I have seen this over the last 8 years of trying to put together teams to video. Something always comes up for a video to be deleted , disappear or not recorded properly.

Meet a prophet from Africa, and the first thing he gives you is a promo video. I smiled, this same day last year, as I came downstairs and saw Prophet Isaac Anto in the hotel I was staying. The first thing he handed me was a promo tape.

I had two of Emmanuel TV’s board members staying in my home, the first thing they offloaded was a pull-on filled with Prophet Joshua’s miracle videos.

You and I may believe by faith, but there is a set that say SEEING IS BELIEVING. Religion and secular humanists have created a God who is unjust, immoral, bloodthirsty, too strict, or just downright mean; but when miracles start flying hard hearts break fast.

This is the hour when the Spirit is calling forth MEDIA SCRIBES, who will document for the generation that is without faith and ones not yet born.

Remember the words of Thomas : “I won’t believe till I see”- John 20:25

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